100 Days

Today marks my 100 Days in my new role.

Feels like only yesterday I wrote about 30 Days on the Job.

I'm feeling like I'm getting the hang of things. I also feel I can't use the "I'm new here" defense, sometimes known as the Idiot Defense.

So, what have I accomplished to date?

Well, I've been in lots of meetings, sat on many conference calls, wrote stuff on the whiteboard, kicked off an internal competition based on the TV show Dragon’s Den, worked with some really amazing dudes, such as the guys The Code Trip, been in meetings with VPs, sent lots of email, IMs, txts, tweets and other forms of electronic communications. And then there's the toys, such as my Chumby, TyTN II, Wireless Photo Frame and a bunch of other things not worth mentioning...

What lies ahead?

Business Reviews, forward planning for the next fiscal year, more meetings, more conference calls, more gadgets.

Yup, I'm loving it.

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