Microsoft Software Licensing and Protection Services (SLP Services)

Earlier this year, Microsoft acquired a company called Secured Dimensions that had unique .NET protection technology along with a licensing server and hosted online service.

This has turned into the Microsoft® Software Licensing and Protection (SLP) Services

The Microsoft® Software Licensing and Protection (SLP) Services provides enforcement of IP protection for ISVs to help protect revenues from pirates and competitors, enables SKU agility and flexible license models to help  increase sales, and improves efficiency for development and business workflows to allow the ISV to get to market faster and for less money. 

By offering these benefits, Microsoft SLP Services is:

“Building a bridge

                           between software

              and software business”

I remember talking to a number of companies in Australia who were looking for this kind of technology, and now it's here.

New White Papers Available for SLP Services

Learn more about how SLP Services can help your software business protect IP, implement flexible licensing models, and provide more targeted value to your customers. Check out the three latest white papers:

Check out the Software Licensing and Protection Services Team Blog for more info

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    Interesting point at

  2. Toughskinn says:

    Is it legal to "lend" system recovery disks? I have a friend, with the same computer as mine, that is in need of system recovery. I already have the discks, cn I allow him to use them?

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