NYT: Microsoft Rolls Out Health Records

Excerpt from New York Times Article:

Microsoft Rolls Out Health Records

Microsoft is starting its long-anticipated drive into theconsumer health care market by offering free personal health records on the Weband pursuing a strategy that borrows from the company’s successfulformula in personal computer software.


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  1. Bob Meade says:


    Back in Australia, the ABC 7.30 report had a story this week about Australia’s outdated medical infrastructure and specifically the inability to share medical records costing lives.

    Here’s the transcript:


    The Microsoft HealthVault is a great idea, and has heaps of potential.  I tried to sign in as a user from here in Australia, but the current beta version is only for USA users.  I did find a workaround for that one however, and now have a HealthVault record.

    It’s a bit clunky, and hardly user friendly – for example I could not add my own basic health details unless I went in via one of the partner sites.  i.e. There is nowhere for the consumer to easily input historical data about previous medical episodes.

    That said, if Microsoft can get enough influential partners on board this will enable it to be dominant very quickly.  There’s also the opportunity to sell it as an off the shelf solution to governments of course.

    They’ll also need to work out what to do about family doctors who do not yet work with a computer on their desk.  Maybe give them one to get them onboard the system?  work with the big pharma who already have reps visiting the family doctors very week or month?  I’m sure you guys will work it out.

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