Wonderful WPF App : RIPT

I had a coffee with Tim Sneath today.  It was good to catch up. He told me lots of things, and he gave me a demo of a really cool WPF app call RIPT. Since I am always on the lookout for WPF apps, I had to download it and it is really really sweet. Organize…


LittleFrankie arrived

I got myself a chumby I called it LittleFrankie (inspired by a tweet from Nick “Professional Geek” Hodge) My life wont be the same again Technorati tags: Chumby


LifeCam VX-3000

I got myself a Lifecam VX-3000 today Pretty Cheezy huh! It works great with the WebCam Sidebar Gadget


Popfly Beta Today : Open to All

JohnMont has the news Popfly Beta Today Today, Steve Ballmer announced at the Web 2.0 Summit that Popfly has moved from closed alpha to open beta; we’ve lifted the invitation-only restriction and anyone with a Live ID can now browse to the site, create an account, and start building and embedding mashups. So what’s new in…


Web 2.0 Summit Mashup Aggregator

Wishing you were are the Web 2.0 Summit? Follow what’s happening with the Web 2.0 Summit Mashup Aggregator Really looking forward to hear the news from the event Technorati Tags: web20summit


Heroes Happen Here ….

I was interviewed last week and the result (in Silverlight) is now up and alive at http://www.heroeshappenhere.com/ Enjoy Technorati Tags: Heroes Happen Here , Frank Arrigo , Silverlight


The Colours of Autumn on Campus

I walked to a meeting on Friday afternoon and along the way, I was inspired to take a few photos (with my new phone) of the Colours of Autumn – or should I say the Colors of Fall??     Technorati Tags: Autumn , Fall


Latest Gadget : HTC TyTN II

Arrived today! Unboxed 10 minutes later! The HTC TyTN II  (AKA : AT&T Tilt, AT&T 8925, T-Mobile Vario III, Vodafone v1615, SFR v1615, Swisscom XPA1615, Xda Stellar ) Processor Qualcomm® MSM 7200, 400MHz Operating System Windows Mobile® 6 Professional Memory ROM: 256MB RAM: 128MB SDRAM Dimension 112 mm (L) X 59 mm (W) X 19…


Outlook + Twitter = OutTwit

I’ve been wanting to integrate Twitter into my workflow. I believed I needed an IE7 Twitter plugin, so I could be like the cool kids. I would scan the Twitter Fan Wiki looking for the right Twitter App However, OutTwit has made me change my mind. I can update my Twitter and follow friends from Outlook, the…


The One About 79

My kids have been settling into their new life. Billy, my 14 year old, is in the 8th grade at Kirkland Junior High, and he plays in the school’s Junior Varsity and Varsity Football team. He is the only 8th grader in the Varsity team. He plays on the Defensive Line I know nothing about…