Callwave Visual Voicemail : Cool Service, Cool Gadget

I have been using a service from Callwave for a few weeks now.

It provides a replacement voicemail system for my mobile cell phone with a range of really useful services.


It has a Windows Vista Sidebar gadget that hooks up to your voicemail and lets you listen right from your desktop.


Plus, it has a voice to text feature which sends an email with the gist of the message, so that you can see any keywords and decide if you want to listen to it.

I really like it - it's like having a personal assistant screening all your calls.

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  1. Gregory says:

    Callwave has an excellent service, the only thing that set me on to <a href="">Youmail</a&gt; was the greater degree of personalization. Both excellent services though.

  2. Brian Madsen says:

    awesome idea…but…aarrggff…ggrrrr…not available in Australia!!!

    hopefully they’ll extend their services soon to us downunder 🙁

  3. I have been using YouMail and love it. I can play the messages online and they also deliver each message to my email.

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