The One About Temporary Housing

We have been in the US now for 24 days now.

In that time, we have had 4 addresses and have moved 3 times.

As part of the relocation to the US, I got to work with a relocation specialist who would help me deal with all the details of the move such as packing, travel, temporary accommodation etc.

I got a bunch of forms to fill in and provided all my details - including the fact I have 4 kids.

When we were leaving Sydney, I was sent an email with our new temporary address. This is kinda important because we need to give the movers a forwarding address to deliver things to, as well as put that information on our I-94 form.

Address #1

While we were in transit, I got another email with a different address. Good thing I checked my email regularly.

Address #2

So, we land in Seattle, grab our luggage and head to the apartment.

When we get there, we realize that it is the same complex we stay in during our first time in the US way back in 1993.

Good news, it's really close to Microsoft.

Bad news, it's a 3 bedroom apartment, and a little on the small side. I have 2 BIG boys who need their space.

A few days later, we moved to a house

Address #3

It was an OK place, a little bit rundown, but at least it had room for the kids.

However, there was construction happening all around.

The view from my bedroom window

They were building 27 houses behind the house and the builders would start early each morning.

Builders building

But the straw that finally broke the camel's back happened a few days after we moved in.

The house next door to us was demolished and a HUGE truck was parked in the shared driveway. The family was "trapped". Oh No!

Then, while the builders were working on the new construction, they cut the water mains. Which mean there was no water in the house.  And yes, I got a call from my wife very soon after that!

So, after some discussion, we got a choice of 2 other houses which were becoming available.

We picked the house and got ready to pack and move *AGAIN*

Address #4

This is a 4 bedroom place. There is room for the boys. And it's in the school district that we want.

So far so good.

Each time we have moved, I have had to change the address information for our bank, phone, and a bunch of other services we have signed up for.

Hopefully, our next move will be our last.

And finally I just want to say, the relocation folks and the temporary housing folks have been very quick to help sort things out. They have been very responsive and supportive.

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  1. Tom says:

    just out of interest… how do ISP and cable companie in the US handle such relocations. Did you guys get wireless broadband of some type or did you get cable/ adsl broadband and have it moved everything. Big delays? High costs?

  2. frankarr says:

    tom – great question

    that’s going to be the topic of a subsequent post – the one about my broadband access 😉

  3. Peter Q says:

    I can identify with this. I worked for DEC for years, and was relocated from oz to new hampshire. We had a great relo consulant. Sorted everything, and found us just the right place…

    Sounds like Microsoft need to find someone better.

  4. OMG, what a nightmare .. I’ve had a total of 4 addresses in my whole life..let a long 24 days!

  5. Anonymous says:

    We have been getting out broadband internet access from Comcast . As their ads say, "It’s Comcastic"

  6. I’ve been moved to Jakarta, Amsterdam, Singapore, Italy and the UK by companies – and invariably it’s been a nightmare. Cisco’s temp housing person put us up in a hostel for the terminally ill for 3 months (Milan). *shudders* thin walls, coughing all night. You are lucky they were willing to move you around… When I am finally sick of sitting in front of this PC all day, I’m going to become a  relocation expat consultant. Out and about all day, nosing around houses, organising things… heaven. 🙂

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