Facebook and Twitter : My Big Distractions

Since relocating, I have been really busy and hadn't blogged for 2 weeks.

However, I did twitter and use facebook during that time.


I've been thinking about "WHY" and I think it's because those two services both have kick ass mobile sites - http://m.twitter.com and http://m.facebook.com

I also installed the Live Search for Mobile app, which gives me maps, movies, traffic, local information and other stuff.

While we have been running around doing our jobs, I've logged onto those mobile sites and updated my status, checked what my friends are doing, looked up maps, directions, where to find food, etc etc etc

It's been easy.

I signed up with an unlimited data plan (only costs $29 per month) so I have been on the interweb via my Treo 750 a lot.

Is this the future??

Anyways, gotta get back to facebook... err I mean work....

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  1. Wow, If you haven’t blogged for 2 weeks and you have 23 entries in a month then you’re indeed A REAL BLOGGER.

    Greetings from Poland, how’s life in the Rainy Town Frank?


  2. Hey Buddy,

    Good to see you all made it safely.

  3. Davo says:

    The lower the friction Franky, the higher the use…

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