Whirlwind couple of days…

Gosh, I haven't posted since Thursday. Can you believe that?

It's been a pretty crazy couple of days - so let me break it down for you.

On Friday at Tech.Ed, I had a chalk talk session.

I was going to use it to update folks on my next job, as well as tell a few stories, such as

The Mambo Shirt

Wikipedia V Frank Arrigo

While I was giving my talk, I was ambushed by my team and serenaded.

Finula, David  and Nigel - and all those who contributed to the lyrics - you guys rock!

Nick Hodge and Michael Kordahi did a slick edit and you can watch/listen below:

bye bye mr develoepr guy (frank arrigo)
bye bye mr developer guy (frank arrigo)

Pretty cool huh? What a creative bunch of guys

But wait, there's more.

Friday afternoon, I hosted the locknote to close off TechEd for this year.

As I was going through my poorly rehearsed talk, I was ambushed again. This time by my outgoing boss - Norbert Haehnel - who gave me a special gift. A framed tshirt

The front, all of the DPE team , and some special guests

The back, a shout out to whatdoesfrankarrigomeantome.com a special wiki created by Andrew Parsons, with the help of Michael Kordahi and Mitch Denny. You guys rock!

Now, how cool is that! My own wiki!!

Take that Wikipedia!

A big shout out to Finula Crowe (again) and the talented folks from Amnesia who helped pull together the design and artwork - I am truly touched, truly surprised and filled with lots of different emotions.

Thank to everyone to have made this a memorable TechEd for me personally.

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  1. Paul Turner says:

    Farewell Frank, you will be missed.  We’ll all be watching you in the US, so you don’t forget us 🙂

  2. it’s not goodbye eventhough you’re moving to the States..you’ll still very much be an integral part of the .Net community and your support over the years has left some great impressions.

    Have a good one Frank – take care and keep in touch!

  3. Susan Moore says:

    Good luck Frank – just read about your exciting new move on Media Connect. The Aussie journos sure will miss you, and the US ones won’t know what’s hit them!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    WOW!! After 5 days meeting over five hundred customers and 10 members of the local Australian press here

  5. Anonymous says:

    WOW!! After 5 days meeting over five hundred customers and 10 members of the local Australian press here

  6. Katie Peters says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow! Frank – congratulations!

  7. Chris Coleman says:

    Frank – all the best for the future – you will be greatly missed.

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