Tech.Ed Australia Parties

I got an email from a Tech.Ed attendee this week listing the Tech.Ed Parties (and believe it or not, his name is David)

1995 - Sydney (Party in Conv Centre)

1996 - Brisbane (Movie World)

1997 - Melbourne (Crown Casino + Movie)

1998 - Sydney (Sega World)

1999 - Brisbane (Dreamworld)

2000 - Cairns (Mad Max Themed Bush Party)

2001 - Melbourne (Lindsey Fox Motor Museum)

2002 - Brisbane (Angry Anderson Concert)

2003 - Brisbane (Nightclub with Laser Pointers)

2004 - Canberra (Indoor Party at the Speedway)

2005 - Gold Coast (Movie World)

2006 - Sydney (Nightclub in Darling Harbour)

2007 - Gold Coast (to be Movie World)

I can remember some of these parties. I lost my shirt in 2003 (literally)

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  1. The party last night @ Movie World was awesome!

    I went on Batman, Leathal Weapon and Superman. At night time, going on theme park rides is just something else.

    Had a great time. Hope everyone else did 2.

  2. David Burela says:

    The one last year in the nightclub was my favourite

    Better than both movieworld parties combined in my opinion. Just a shame that all the oldies were complaining 😉

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