Y oh Y?

‘Y’ are you leaving us Frank!?! Don’t go!...


hehehe - it's a LOLFrank 😉

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  1. John says:

    Sorry but it is good to see you go.  I work for a major international company and I have tried for years to get in contact with you and your guys to no avail, you and your guys never reply to emails and seem to think you are to important to discuss anything at conferences.  I found that I had to work through my associates in the USA and go outside of Australia to get any real help so please dont screw that up.


  3. frankarr says:


    i am sorry to hear your bad experience and i am surprised to hear that you have tried to contact *ME*

    i try very hard to get back to everyone who contacts me, and i make time to meet with customers/partners when at conferences, so i am surprised to see your comment.

    but obviously, what i say means nothing, it’s what your experience is that matters.

    you can contact me on frankarr @ microsoft.com

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