I’ve been dugg!

There was a recent video on ZDNET with me talking about web standards

Is Microsoft learning from its Web standards mistakes?

Is Microsoft learning from its Web standards mistakes? [Play the video]

I was talking about Expression Web and how it supports web standards

The article recently got dugg : Microsoft Accepts it Ignored the Web Standards

1417 Diggs as of writing this, and man, people are angry and full of venom towards Microsoft. Go Figure ?

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  1. M Freitas says:

    If you do it right, the zealots complain, if you do it wrong, the zealots complain.

    It’s natural. Some people like to hate the big player. Like Google. People now complain about Google, which was their darling of last year.

  2. Rod Trent says:

    Not to worry.  Simply put, Digg is a network of MS bashers.

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