Emma and CyberQuoll

Emma the Birthday girl

Emma came home the other night and asked me if I knew about CyberQuoll.

Apparently it was from Microsoft.

She has been using it at school, had enjoyed it and wanted tell me all about it.

Well, to be honest I didn't know what it was, but I played along, pretended I knew about it and asked her to show me it

Off we went and searched for it - she couldn't remember the URL

CyberQuoll – Internet Safety Education for Primary Schools

Internet Safety Education for Primary Schools

Ahhh, it's an initiative from NetAlert. Ok, that makes sense.

NetAlert Limited

She had watched the first two episodes at school, so I watched episode three with her.


She would not be impressed with me right now - LOL

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  1. Minty says:

    Hey Frank,

    >Apparently it was from Microsoft.

    Not quite- you guys are always trying to claim the world 😛

    We wrote the scripts (based on NetAlert’s key items to cover) and did the animation.

    Curriculum Corp handled the higher level production management and client management. Net Alert were obviously the client.

    Regardless, it’s brilliant to hear Emma enjoyed it. Our number one things was that if they thought it was patronising, dogmatic, saccharine or lame, we were dead in the water. We fought hard to keep it a bit edgy and have lots of humour, so it’s great to see that seems to be working. There’s been a fair bit of positive response, including from OS. Now we just need to turn that into bigger budgets (Cyberquoll is a _heck_ of a lot of animation for the $$).

    If you’re really after some Microsoft-related animation, see if you recognise anyone in this animation we did way back in ’05:




    Nectarine   http://www.nectarine.com.au

  2. frankarr says:


    delighted to hear from you.

    even more delighted now that i know you created the site.

    emma told me that he teacher thought it came from microsoft. i wasnt claiming it as a microsoft thing. i do know that ms supports netalerts, so there is a connection – if only


    keep up the great work – and thx for the link to those other animations

  3. Minty says:

    Hi Frank,

    > i wasnt claiming it as a microsoft thing.

    Heh. Just me bein’ cheeky…

    But we’re probably like most developers: we just like to see that what we produce is used and enjoyed. So thanks for blogging this 🙂



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