AASG : Queensland Traffic Cameras

Spotted this on the Windows Live Gallery

Queensland Traffic Cameras

Provides real time feeds of Queensland traffic cameras. The images are refreshed every minute and the user may configure the sidebar gadget to auto-cycle through the images.

Cool !! The Australian Sidebar Gadget tally grows.

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  1. John says:


    I just spent a whole day making a traffic gadget for the QLD Gadget competition. Oh well for those that like the idea but want some slicker functions and all 15 cameras mine is "waiting approval". I’ll post a link when it is up. I wonder if we can get a whole bunch of these now is some sort of "gadget off – who can build the best traffic gadget".


  2. John says:

    For those that want to compare, mine has been approved:


    I guess great minds think alike….


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