Spreading the word about Silverlight to BANDT

I spoke to Noelle Waugh from B & T today. It was the first time I had spoken to anyone from B & T.

The topic of the day was Silverlight. (I guess Noelle doesn't read  blogs and hasn't seen the countless posts about this - Josh Gliddon sees some Silverlight, wow - everyone wants to talk to me again, Introducing Microsoft SilverlightOut with WPFE in with Microsoft Silverlight. This has just been announced!, Silverlight - The next generation web experiences").

Noelle was coming from the angle of what Silverlight means for advertisers, interactive agencies, online content and digital advertising. It was such a perfect change to tell her all about ReMix (still places available - register now)

Some of the questions included:

  • Can you talk me through how Silverlight could revolutionise online content and how it helps advertisers to extend what they do?
  • Can you go into detail on how it differs from Flash in terms of delivering a rich experience?
  • So developers can apply their existing skills?
  • Is this the first time Microsoft has moved into this space?
  • What are your views on the impact this will have on advertisers?
  • So are you looking to expand the services available through Silverlight now?
  • What do you expect the uptake and interest to be locally?
  • Would you agree that Silverlight is a more advanced rich experience compared to Flash?
  • How would you describe Silverlight?

These were good questions and I think I did an OK job at answering them all.

I also got to mention PopFly, since it's now 'out there'.

Microsoft Popfly

All in all, it was a nice little chat and I look forward to seeing the story come out.

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  1. Cameron Reilly says:

    I’m writing an article on podcasting for B&T this month. Eeegads – I’m becoming a real journalist! 🙂

    Popfly, Silverlight, Flattop PC… great to see MS coming out with cool shit. 🙂

  2. frankarr says:

    cameron – what a revelation!

    i reckon you have all the makings of a fine journalist

  3. Anonymous says:

    One of the things we will be showing at ReMIX is a preview of Discovery Channel Asia’s "Never Miss TV"

  4. Anonymous says:

    As stated in the blog of Frank Arrigo (responsible for all Technical Communities in Australia), One of

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