My Sweet 16th : 16 Sweet years at Microsoft

Sweet 16

Today is the anniversary of when I started my career at Microsoft - 16 years!

Here's some ways to represent 16 (thanks to Wikipedia)

Cardinal 16 / sixteen
Ordinal 16th / sixteenth
Numeral system hexadecimal
Factorization 2^4 \,\!
Divisors 1, 2, 4, 8, 16
Roman numeral XVI
Binary 10000
Octal 20
Duodecimal 14
Hexadecimal 10

As I say each year, I've been really lucky, as I have done lots of different things, been exposed to different parts of the business, and seen it from different parts of the world. I have been very fortunate to work with some amazing people within Microsoft, as well as some outstanding organisations & people outside of Microsoft.

MTV Sweet 16

Let's look back again, at what I've done

May 1991 Sep 1993 Microsoft Canberra, working as a Systems Engineer
Sep 1993 Aug 1994 Microsoft Corp, @ Executive Briefing Center
Aug 1994 Oct 1995 Microsoft Corp, in the Advanced Technology Group, working on Interactive TV
Nov 1995 May 1997 Microsoft Australia, MSN Technical Director
Jun 1997 Jun 1999 ninemsn CTO
Jun 1999 May 2001 Microsoft Region, Digital Media dude
May 2001 now Microsoft Australia, Developer & Platform Evangelism

Now I have a large team of evangelists, which includes some experienced folks, as well as some new guys who are getting up to speed very nicely. I find a large part of my role these days is explaining what we do to the rest of Microsoft. Seems some folks don't quite understand what it is we do

The future continues to be bright. I still love the job, I still believe in what we're doing, and I continue to get inspired by the impact we have. Just look at the buzz from the Popfly news - that just rocks!

Microsoft Popfly

Time to go make some mashups and celebrate

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Comments (11)
  1. happy sweet 16th, never been kissed ;-P

  2. Meg says:

    Happy anniversary. Glad to hear that after so many years you’re still getting so much job satisfaction. That’s a long time in this day and age…

  3. Darnit, Nick, I wanted to say that *pouts*.

    That’s what’s wrong with the ‘net today lads; you see something, decide to write about it, and some smartypants gets in before you. Top of my reasons why I hate Wikipedia. 😛

    Thanks for the pointer to PopFly – I’ve been looking for a community like that to write about. Unless someone does it before me…. grrrr. heh.

  4. allandcp says:

    Congratulations, I bet DPE is the best job of them all!

  5. frankarr says:

    thank all for the well wishes.

    this is a fun job

  6. Long Zheng says:

    One more year and you’re on par with Jim Allchin 😀

    Should be a walk in the park after 16 years. Congrats Frank.

    I know you’ve done a superb job because you’ve done so much for me in the last 12 months. I can’t owe you enough.

  7. Josh says:

    Congradulations…so, you should be able to retire a billionaire soon, right?

    Wishing you many more happy years of servitude.



  8. Eric Lam says:

    Nice one! Congrats!

    I’ve been working in ICT within the ATO for 2 years… still a long way for me to go yet!!!

  9. Brian Madsen says:

    Congratulations Frank…16 years!! for most that’s a lifetime..

    do you even remember what you did before MSFT?

  10. Anonymous says:

    1991 was a big year for me. I got married. I bought a house. My first child was born AND I joined Microsoft

  11. Anonymous says:

    1991 was a big year for me.   I got married.   I bought a house. My first child was born AND

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