Unified Messaging in Exchange Server 2007 Really Works

Overnight, I had Unified Messaging enabled on my Exchange Server 2007 mailbox.

This morning I came in and went through a few different scenarios.

It all worked flawlessly.

I dialed a number and "logged" into my exchange server. After some a few security setup steps I had access to my inbox, calendar, contacts via the phone.  This is called "Outlook Voice Access".

  • I can say 'inbox', and get my inbox read back to me.
  • I can say "calendar", and have totally access to my schedule including changing meetings or clearing my calendar.
  • I can say 'contacts', and find people's details and call them or just send them a voice message.

I can also get my voice mail messages sent via email and I can then listen to the voicemail from my inbox - including from Outlook Web Access. A bunch of guys in my team also got this feature enabled, and they all decided to send *ME* a test message

Anyways, I am pretty happy to be using this piece of technology. We've spoken about it and demoed it, but it's something else to be finally using it.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    In my last post , I forgot to link to our Unified Communications Tsar , Oscar ‘The Godfather’ Trimboli

  2. Anonymous says:

    Unified Messaging in Exchange Server 2007 Really Works ESEUTIL for Microsoft Exchange, Part 1 The Basics

  3. Anonymous says:

    We unleashed Frank Arrigo as Exchange 2007 Unified Messaging and he blogged the results. Well worth the

  4. Sarah Arnold (from Microsoft) says:

    Last week I to received an email for Jonathan Lewis from Microsoft IT which told me I was selected to take part in a pre-deployment pilot of Exchange 2K87 Unified Messaging (UM) here in Sydney.  After a year of watching this tool be demonstrated at various conferences it was my turn to try it out.

    I arrived at work on Friday to an email letting me know that my mailbox has moved to Exchange Server 2007, my voice mail has now been successfully migrated to the new Exchange 2007 Unified Messaging (UM) platform. 2 minutes later I had successfully set up my new Unified Messaging mail box.

    I then spent the next few hours playing around with the new technology as this was a requirement of being a tester.  With every new feature I tried I got more and more excited, to think I can now move a meeting with out being in front of my computer or call someone from the global address book with out looking up the number or having them stored in my contacts. After sharing this technology with everyone around me and getting them all excited about it I came to the conclusion that I personally think this product is cooler than Office & Vista (don’t tell Jeff & Tony ).  

    Whilst driving to work on Monday, I dialled into my Voice Mail and accessed my inbox and started to do email (using hands free of course).  UM has just changed my life (for the better) the 30 – 45 minute drive is now spent doing email.  The coolest thing is after my email message has been read to me over the phone I can then choose to reply, delete it or move on to the next email message.  By the time I sat down at my desk a number of the emails that had come in over night had already been taken care of and the drive to work has now become very productive, I do not even mind being stuck in traffic.  Also the added bonus is that the non Microsoft people whom I email using UM, are blown away by how cool it is to hear my voice in an email message and they are amazed at this technology.

  5. Anonymous says:

    As part of our ‘dogfooding’ policy Microsoft staff are the main and some of the earliest beta testers

  6. Anonymous says:

    11 months ago, I became a Unified Communictions user and I really, really liked it. I even had a cool

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