Quantify the unquantifiable

Recently, there were a series of Dilbert strips that really struck a cord - They were 3/31, 4/02, 4/03, 4/04, 4/05, 4/06, 4/07

Here's one of them

Can anyone else relate?

Well, that very week I met with an Australian company called Corporate Knowhow that has been working on the same problem and has come up with a better solution than Dogbert the Quantifier.

Corporate Knowhow is an organisational development consultancy providing consultants and corporations with unique technologies and methodologies to generate value, to develop human capital and to create sustainable competitive advantage.

Corporate Knowhow has developed Mentor, a unique software-based organisational diagnostic and development system. The system identifies the nature and source(s) of corporate performance issues, prioritises development initiatives and measures the benefits arising from implementation. The result is sustained high levels of corporate effectiveness and efficiency, whilst providing an environment for accelerated individual development and engagement.

Sounds intriguing.

I need to get myself some of that! Nerd

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  1. Steve Ringo says:

    Let me guess, they enable ubiquitous action-items in order to engage leading-edge functionalities while unleashing next-generation methodologies?

    (courtesy http://dack.com/web/bullshit.html). Will be interesting to see how long these guys stay in business.

  2. Greg Low says:

    Hey Frank,

    I had a client once who looked me right in the eye and proudly announced that he’d decided to make a decision 🙂



  3. Anonymous says:

    Today is the anniversary of when I started my career at Microsoft – 16 years! Here’s some ways to represent

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