The first dedicated IE7 Site to go live :

I was tracking down some IE7 information and found IE-Vista

It's a really handly little resource and it's put together by Sandi Hardmeier, a Western Australia based Microsoft MVP who specialises in Internet Explorer and Outlook Express.

Sandi also runs a blog aptly titled Spyware Sucks, with categories such as

  • Admin announcements (11)
  • Featured Communities and CES 2007 (6)
  • General security (18)
  • General stuff (121)
  • I ain't happy about this..... (48)
  • Internet Explorer (89)
  • Internet Explorer 7 (204)
  • MVP Summit 2007 (6)
  • Off topic (18)
  • Off topic, personal stuff (77)
  • personal stuff (6)
  • safety and privacy on the Internet (117)
  • Security (117)
  • Security related software (47)
  • Security, safety and privacy on the Internet (120)
  • Technology (38)
  • viruses and exploits (85)
  • Vulnerabilities (85)
  • Vulnerabilities, viruses and exploits (81)

    I am afraid to click the I ain't happy about this but something in me just wants to...

    Way to go Sandi. Keep flying the IE Flag

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    1. Anonymous says:

      Frank Arrigo took the belt off and said some very nice things about Sandi and her efforts with IE and

    2. Brian Madsen says:

      Hey Frank,

      Sandi’s been helping me out tons of times before when i’ve had problems with spyware, IE or virii..

      each time she’s fixed my problems…

    3. Sandi says:

      "I am afraid to click the I ain’t happy about this but something in me just wants to…"

      Darn, that almost makes me wish I hadn’t deleted the really good rants.

      BTW, the next time you’re in town, please may I take you and the guys to Seizan and get y’all away from those stainless steel chopsticks at your normal eating abode ;o)

    4. frankarr says:


      i would be delighted to hook up on my next trip west

      thanks for all the good work


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