The Age of User Experience coming to Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne

Shane Morris has the news about the Age of User Experience tour to Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

As Shane says

The plan is to take a couple of hours to introduce Microsoft's strategy when it comes to user experience, talk about future directions in the user experience design 'industry', and yes, demo WPF, WPF/E and the Expression products. The focus will be on what designers need to know about MS user experience tools (interaction designers, web designers, information architects, usability engineers...).

The dates are:

  • Sydney: Wednesday 11th of April, 4:00pm
  • Brisbane: Thusday 12th of April, 5:00pm AND Friday 13th of April, 8:00am
  • Melbourne: Wednesday 18th of April, 4:00 pm

See the invitation for more details.

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