Softies on Rails – Ruby on Rails for .NET Developers

Last week Microsoft bought drinks for a bunch of the webDU Attendees. It was a good night.

I got talking to lots of different folks, some who I knew, some who I had met online and some folks who I was meeting for the first time. It was great.

A number of discussions centered around Ruby on Rails, and the local community activity around it all.

It got me thinking. Surely the Microsoft developer community has something to say about this.

So, I went looking.

I found this great site Softies on Rails, which is a site about Ruby on Rails for .NET Developers.

There some great stuff there, such as

Softies on Rails Forum

Ruby/Rails on Windows

I'm sure If I looked harder, I would find more goodness too.

Thanks to Lachlan Hardy, (yes *the* LachStock, webjam guy), for helping educate me on the burgeoning RoR movement in Australia

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  1. OMG, am I *that* guy?

    Australia Rails link dump follows:

    Temp blog site for Rails Oceania (permanent pretty one up as soon as I finish the HTML!)

    Rails Oceania mailing-list

    RailsCamp07 – the talented and friendly Ben Askins tells me there are all of 8 slots left. So get in quick, if you’re interested!

    There are also some city specific Ruby and Rails groups in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane – at least

    The community has plans to offer Rails Oceania as a central repository for information and resourcing in our region (hence the name). More localised groups are welcome to take advantage of the facilities the community is putting together

    (Spoken as a dude who goes to meetings. There is no admin or management group, just an amorphous collection of cool friendly Rails geeks who volunteer their time on the mailing list or in IRC)

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