Dino Esposito is coming back down under : Solid Quality ASP.NET—Advanced Topics including AJAX (5 days)

Want to create serious AJAX-based applications using ASP.NET Ajax ?

Dino Esposito is coming down under to deliver Solid Quality ASP.NET—Advanced Topics including AJAX (5 days)

Upcoming schedule for this course

Melbourne  / 7-May-2007 / (Dino Esposito) / Pricing/Registration
Mentor for this course, Dino Esposito

Canberra / 14-May-2007 / (Dino Esposito)/ Pricing/Registration

Solid Quality ASP.NET—Advanced Topics including AJAX (5 days)


With the advent of version 2.0, ASP.NET has been enriched and empowered beyond imagination. While the runtime environment still works mostly like in the past, it has been significantly refactored. As a result, it now exposes quite a few of its internal components as pluggable elements. This basic fact opens up a whole new world of opportunities and challenges for braveheart developers. 

This demo-laden class takes up a bunch of these challenges and shows how to face up to the task.  For example, you’ll see the provider model dug out and with it build providers, various system modules and asynchronous pages. A full understanding of the ASP.NET machinery is key to use and create effective custom controls and to foresee and stay up-to-date with future enhancements and evolution, such as the Atlas platform. Originally designed to bring the thrill of Ajax to the ASP.NET platform, Atlas is going to become one of the pillars of the next ASP.NET platform, codenamed “Orcas.”

By taking this class, not just you deepen your today’s skills but well position yourself for the upcoming.

Key Benefits

ASP.NET is big. To grab a solid understanding of its features and capabilities, you need to distinguish at least two moments—when you need to know the core stuff to cook up quality ASP.NET 2.0 applications and when you need to know more. Both moments are key and present in the experience of virtually every ASP.NET developer. This class is dedicated to developers who need to know more than the basics. However, it is key to note that the distinction between core and advanced is operated on a time basis—what you need to know first and what you can learn later. The level of understanding (and the level of presentation) is the same and fairly high.

This class is pretty unique in its set of topics and includes all sort of things you need to know to build challenging solutions in non-trivial Web sites. The class sets the difference between “ordinary” and “extra-ordinary” developers. If you get to know about HTTP handlers, manage the provider model, can build async pages and develop custom controls you’re not just an ASP.NET developer. You’re more; you’re an advanced ASP.NET developer. This is just what the class delivers.

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