Wonderful WPF Apps : Thoughtex

It's been a while since I featued cool WPF Apps.

Joseph Cooney has been working on a WPF Project which just went  live - http://thoughtex.net, which is a free mind mapping tool written in Windows Presentation Foundation and deployed via ClickOnce.

How Cool!

Here's a few screen shots from the site.

Create graphical concept maps

Capture Ideas Visually

Concept map on Vincent van Gogh showing some of his paintings

Contextual Search

We know when you're thinking about sunflowers, you don't always want to know about gardening

Concept map on Vincent van Gogh with focus on the sunflower topic

Rich editing support

We borrowed a few ideas from Office

Editing text in a concept map. Shows formatted fonts and colours.

Nice and Easy

Cupertino doesn't have a monopoly on nice, easy to use applications.

The open map screen looks nice 

Give it a try!

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  1. Vic says:

    Have you seen



    mindmeister.com and


    They’re less image oriented, but they all have the basic mind mapping or concept mapping idea melded with on-line operation.

    By the way, good catch!  I’ll be adding Thoughtex to my directory of mindmapping software.



  2. Alex says:

    It looks awsome, but can you point me at the download link? Either it’s Monday morning and I have left my brain at home, or it’s pretty well hidden.

  3. frankarr says:

    on http://thoughtex.net/

    right under the try now banner

    Launch Thoughtex

    here’s the URL for your benefit (it’s a clickonce app)


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