NYT: Slow Down, Brave Multitasker, and Don’t Read This in Traffic

Excerpt from New York Times Article:

Slow Down, Brave Multitasker, and Don’t Read This in Traffic

Confident multitaskers of the world, could I have your attention?

Don’t forget twitter addiction too!!

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  1. Frank. In this vein, you might be interested in listening to this from SXSW.

    The 4-Hour Workweek: Secrets of Doing More with Less in a Digital World – http://audio.sxsw.com/podcast/interactive/panel/2007/SXSW07.INT.20070312.TheFourHourWorkweek.mp3

  2. Neil says:

    There actually was a recent tragedy in Brisbane where a young school chap was so engrossed in his PDA or IPOD… he stepped right off a train platorm into the path of an oncoming train and was killed.

    There are a plethora of studies commissioned re the interaction with people and portable devices. They all appear to say the same thing…  the devices are winning.  They are being made more capable with more features and better interfaces.  

    Combine this with the studies which show discipline in our youth and in society generally is declining, and you can map out a path to anarchy without too much trouble.

    Our world is shrinking, and for those who can settle for these distractions and interactions, soon the need to leave the living room for anything will dissapear.  Show me one home which does not have a color television in it.  Now show me one that does not have at least a computer game console in it.

    Yep,,,   its a good thing they havent invented a machine which delivers the perfect wave right into your living room so you can surf it.


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