Trying to stay up to speed

I'm feeling a bit out of touch of what's happening. while I am recovering from my recent bout of Sinusitis.

Fortunately, the world continues to turn, the sun continues to rise and set, and the cheerleader continues to be safe.

Best to check in on the team and see what they are up to :

David Lemphers I'm Getting Short Changed!
Dave Glover Writing Quality Code "E-Book" - a great book written by some of our local developer experts download your copy here.
Nigel Watson ASWEC2007: Unloading can be cathartic!
Andrew Coates Juval Lowy does Sydney
Charles Sterling Gold Coast User Group change -Now doing a session on Windows Longhorn
Jeff Alexander Microsoft Research: Celebrating 15 years
Michael Kleef Internal TechReady 4 Conference: My Q&A with Steve Ballmer
Nick Hodge Wool off a Sheep’s Back
Shane Morris Taking it on the road - 'The Age of User Experience' - First Stop: Canberra
Scott Barnes Seattle, FLEX and .NET
Michael Kordahi WPF/E Pad

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