The Microsoft Unlimted Potential (UP) Community Conference *again*

I'll be speaking at the upcoming Microsoft Unlimted Potential (UP) Community Conference next week.

I've been asked back following my session at the last conference

The case study I featured back then is now turned into it's own session on podcasting - way to go Mike!

Speaking of Mike, he has called out to me to collaborate online, via tags and to answer some questions he posed.

OK, i'll give it a try.

Mike asks about Microsoft information about podcasting - specifically subscribing to them

Yes,  podcast subscribing support isn't embedded directly in Windows Media Player. However, there are some superb applications that make it simple. I have used Doppler for a while and my current favorite client is Feed Station from those clever guys at Newsgator.

Would it be good to see this baked into Windows Media Player - sure, but here's a way to Roll your own podcasting support for WMP 11

Mike also asks if Microsoft has a service for upload audio/video to a store in the cloud. Well, we have Soapbox for video. In terms of 3rd party services, I can see that there are heaps, but I don't know of any preferred services.

Finally, Microsoft uses podcasting from a content delivery perspective. Just look at the Podcast directory over on Channel 9, and don't forget the local Sydney Institute Podcast series

Mike - I hope this makes sense. Looking forward to seeing you next week

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  1. I would love to see Podcasting features in WMP11.  Anything to make hosting Podcasts and subscribing to regular Podcasts would be great.  The Microsoft Office System Special Interest Group (MOSSIG) are looking into starting Podcasts on office and this type of feature set would be extremely useful.

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  3. mike seyfang says:

    Thanks Frank – what an awesome response and handy-dandy resource for my talk next week.  Appreciated.

    I had forgotton about soapbox – upolading some test movies as we speak.

    Thanks again and catch you next week.


  4. beth worrall says:

    Frank – have fun at the conference, say hi to everyone for me!

  5. Anonymous says:

    The last few days, I’ve been feeling really achy again. I went to see my local GP and confirmed that

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