Browsers used by Visitors in January 2007

Last month, I looked at the operating systems of visitors to my blog

This month, I'm looking at browser share.

Browser Percentage
Internet Explorer (7.0) 40%
Internet Explorer (6.0) 29%
Firefox ( 19%
Firefox ( 7%
Safari (419.3) 1%
Firefox (2.0) 1%
Firefox ( 1%
Mozilla (5.0) 1%
Opera (9.10) 1%

Interesting to see the IE7 share - it kinda makes sense since there have been over 100 Million IE7 installations.

What is also interesting is the IE v FF split - 69/29 (if you count Mozilla too)

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  1. James says:

    Your blog isn’t a good place to collect this sort data from. Readers are likely to be in the IT industry, making them more aware of both IE7 and Firefox.

  2. David Burela says:

    With most sites i go to that post stats, it is usually a much higher FF usage to IE.

    I think that the IE stats are skewed because of the nature of your blog.

    Most ppl are Microsoftians who would be using IE7

    Well its a thought anyway

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