Feeds Plus: Those Interns can code

I spotted the post Feeds Plus: An Intern Adventure and was excited about the possibilites

What I really like is the single, river of news-style feed. That's become my favored way of reading feeds. I've installed it and it works as advertised. This is just another example of the power of the RSS Platform

Download Feeds Plus.

I think I need to get myself a coding intern one of these days.

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  1. kevin says:

    Nice, but what on earth happened to Ofolio?…

    My wife is complaining bitterly about it’s apparent demise.

    It did all that this add-in does plus more, and it was a potentially another good advert for real-life applications of .net

  2. frankarr says:

    hey kevin

    onfolio rocks

    it lives on as a live toolbar addin


  3. kevin says:

    Thanks Frank,

    It’s certainly well hidden though; I would have expected it to (at least) appear in the Live gallery.

    Regardless of it’s current obscure location, it is an excellent tool and, having found it again, that’s one less reason for my wife to object to the Vista upgrade 🙂

  4. kevin says:

    How odd, I tried the Gallery’s search several times over the last week or two and found nothing… I even tried it just before I replied just to make sure!

    Perhaps I should have just ‘Googled’ it? [sorry frank, I couldn’t resist 🙂 ]

    btw, the gallery link is currently returning


    The Windows Live Gallery couldn’t complete your request.

    Please try again in a few minutes.

    It’s done this quite a bite recently; not the best advert 🙂

    One the whole the migration to Vista on the ‘family’ machine has been quite smooth, but the all important ‘Wife Approval Factor’ is a consideration..


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