13th AIMIA Awards Finalists announced

Today, AIMIA announced the AIMIA Awards Finalists.

Don't know who AIMIA is - It is the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association, the peak national industry body representing the Interactive Media and Digital Content sectors in Australia.

I was a member of the "panel of industry judges" (as I was last year), and I took part in the process to select the finalists. I think I did a fine job (if I do say so myself)

I look forward to the Award night, it will be a chance to catch up with some old friends.

13th AIMIA Awards Finalists

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  1. Blog Man says:

    Good on ya Frank

    Obviously kissing corporate arse is your specialty and I might add a natural forte.

    Reading through the list of nominees and your "proud" association with them begs me to ask the question……. are you on corporately sponsored drugs or just a dickhead who thinks that your average Australian internet user is a complete goose like you.

  2. frankarr says:

    thx for the comment blog man

    i too believe that anonymous comments are the corner stone of the great inter-web.

    i dont understand the nature of your attack, but then, as you say, i am just a dickhead

  3. Simon Pain says:

    Being a judge of the awards myself and also an elected member of the committee representing AIMIA in NSW, I can safely say that we didn’t provide corporately sponsored drugs to Frank, perhaps it was his own employer?? To alleviate the headache of releasing Vista..

    In all seriousness though, it was a hard task this year, as there were lots of interesting projects, and dare I say a few surprises.

    The Interactive Media industry in Aus is back.. Now back to making that news gadget..

  4. davidlem says:

    Ha ha, hey Blog Man, an attitude like that is probably the reason your wife ran off with Hector the pool cleaner in the first place. Comments aren’t really the place to thrash out why Mum didn’t love you enough and Dad loved you TOO much. Keep that for the "I Am A Somebody" therapy meetings. 😉

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