Look Up and Smile

Look Up and Smile is our chance to celebrate Australia Day together, wherever we are in this wide, beautiful land of ours.

More than that, it’s a chance to be noticed doing something big – a chance to stand out with your crowd and be photographed by our satellite!

It’s going to be an active celebration of Australian values: mateship, tolerance, a fair go for everyone and hey, not taking life too seriously!

What's the big idea?

On January 26, Australians right across the nation will take to the streets, parks and backyards to celebrate our land, people, heritage, diversity and freedom.

Have a lot more fun this Australia Day by attending an Australia Day event or simply take a photo of your Australia Day and you could win $100,000 in prizes. There are also some great runner-up prizes to be won as well as prizes for community groups entries.

Now here's the cool part

We’ve commissioned a satellite to fly over Australia and take photos of Australia’s most celebrated day of the year. Now you see why we’ve called it Look up and Smile!

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  1. phew, good thing I’m out of the country… my bald spot would be very distracting!

    Will the images become part of the Local.Live.Com maps?

  2. Pete says:

    No Melbourne photos? How did WA appear, but not Melbourne? OffBeatMammal has suggested to me that it was due to certainty that there would be rain in Melbourne, but I won’t hear a bar of that… Sydney’s weather’s been more rainy that Melbourne this year! 😉

    Cheers, Pete

  3. I just saw this on a billboard in Victoria… save your advertising dollars for the actual locations.

  4. Anonymous says:

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