Pleo the Dinosaur joins the Arrigo family

Almost a year ago, I first read about and wrote about Pleo Back in July I put in a pre-order And this week, it arrived As Emma would say – "Soooo cute"   Emma named her Cleo. Cleo will soon have her own PLOG Technorati Tags: Pleo


Going offline for the holidays

It’s raining with a strong likely hood of snow in the coming days I’m taking some time off, I’ll be back in January And since I am now living in America – Here’s wishing you all Happy Holidays


MIX08 Panel Accepted : Now the work begins!

The panel I proposed for MIX 08 has been accepted. The name has been tweaked a bit Web 2.0 and beyond — What is the Business Reality? As has the abstract While Web 2.0 and beyond sites are built on the family of technologies that encompass it are undeniably cool, the question remains — how…


NYT: A Chapter of ‘Jackass’ as Web Test

Excerpt from New York Times Article:A Chapter of ‘Jackass’ as Web Test LOS ANGELES — Paramount Pictures is lurching ontothe Web with its “Jackass” franchise, with what it says will be thefirst studio-backed feature film to have its premiere online. And the studiohopes the result will be considerably more pleasurable than the old MTVshow’s trademark…


Twitter Tuesday.

Jeremiah Owyang wrote recently Some Conversations have shifted to Twitter I felt this happening to me earlier in the year and I wrote a post about it back in April : Blogging takes a back seat to twitter and then in May : Twitter Continues to Rule My Attention We spoke about Twitter the recent…


4 years = 1712 Posts + 2501 Comments + 2230 Trackbacks and Pingbacks

Whoa. While writing the last post, I just realised I passed a BIG milestone. Just over FOUR years ago on December 3, 2003 – I made my first post here. Some up to date stats: Total Posts Published: 1,712 (+452 from last year) Total Comments: 2,501 (+723 from last year) Total Trackbacks and Pingbacks: 2230…


The People You Meet

Last week I was in Texas, facilitating a workshop on Evangelism Excellence.     It was an internal audience and I got to meet a great group of evangelists from across the US, as well as Latin America. One of the topics we covered was blogging and we had a really good discussion of the pros,…


Last Book I Read – Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite

I got a book as a gift recently from a dear old friend. It’s called Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite Synopsis There have been many books written on good business practice. All eminently sensible. All based on logic, common sense and good manners. Essential if you want to be a supermarket manager. But for…


1st Christmas Card of the Season

I got a nice surprise today when I went to collect my mail The first Christmas card of the season, with some Aussie characters enjoy a feast Thanks Berno! Technorati Tags: Christmas, Bernard Oh


PDC08. It’s on Baby!

The news is doing the rounds, and the news is good. Save the Date! Announcing PDC08 October 27–30, 2008 Pre-conference October 26, 2008 Los Angeles, California I’m happy.