Mobile Sites I Use All The Time

I love my K-JAM. I use it obsessively.

I use it to check my email, to read my feeds and to get the information that's important to me.

There are some sites I go to all the time, sites which have been optimised for browsing by Pocket IE



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  1. Justin King says:

    Frank, What sort of costing does this add your bill per month, as the whole reason I gave up using my O2 XDA for web access was the exorbitant GPRS charges that Australian providers charge.

  2. frankarr says:

    Justin – i am on a fixed plan.

    its like $49.99 for 100mb (or something like that)

  3. Rob Farley says:

    When I use my XDAIIs, I tell IE to not show images. Helps a lot. 🙂

    But also, I use the WiFi connection whenever possible, rather than GPRS.

    And I use the Guardian’s Football LiveScores page, despite it not being optimised for mobile use… the BBC’s page has a .wml page for it, but that doesn’t suit Pocket IE.

  4. Eric Lam says:

    Thanks for listing the sites. I recently bought the HP iPAQ rw6828 and was searching for sites that are designed for the mobile version of IE.

  5. stephen says:

    This is interesting viewing. I have no idea how many sites offer their information at PDA view … but I bet there needs to be more. I wonder how many blogs could be better ‘viewing’ if designed to fit a smaller screen not a bigger one? Certainly gives me food for thought as I redevelop my own website.

    PS. Long time lurker and reader, though a lot of it goes right over my head!

    On a tangent, you have a lot of adverts etc down the left of screen and very little on the right. The name-links might appreciate the linkage if put right and up the page.

  6. William Luu says:

    Good list Frank, a few more for you:

    Flickr Mobile:

    And running some websites through Skweezer ( really helps.

    I use BlogLines too, and I think their mobile edition works really well (they display any linked pages using Skweezer).

  7. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had my Palm for a few months now and I *still* love my Palm Treo 750 ! It’s traveled the the US

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