NYT: Revelers Worldwide Usher In 2007

Excerpt from New York Times Article: Revelers Worldwide Usher In 2007 http://www.nytimes.com/aponline/world/AP-New-Year-World.html Filed at 4:23 p.m. ET   SYDNEY, Australia (AP) — Fireworks showered over Sydney’s iconic Harbor Bridge as a million onlookers cheered the New Year. MY COMMENT: To download the Times Reader, click here. Published with BlogMailr

Hello 2007

Happy New Year from Downunder Sydney celebrates first NYE fireworks Sky News Australia Sydney NYESky News Australia, Australia – 30 Dec 2006Considered one of the biggest New Year’s Eve celebrations and amongst the first to occur, the world will be watching as the famous harbour lights up under a … Sydney police prepare for New Year celebrations…


Blog Tagged : 5 Things

I am on holidays at the moment, but I got a notification that Jeff Sandquist tagged me. Looks like there is a tagging meme going on – someone tags you and asks you to reveal 5 things that folks probably doesn’t know about you and then you tag 5 other bloggers with the same task….


My Elfamorphosis

Hey, I just made a total elf of myself. Check me out by clicking the link below. http://www.elfyourself.com/?userid=c6eeb8a8c4aee87086ae8beG06121520   Published with BlogMailr


Buon Natale

I’m taking a week off between Christmas and New Year. I’ll may post updates to my twitter page and photos to my flickr account – if I have any connectivity Have A Merry Little Christmas Technorati tags: Christmas, Frank Arrigo, Blogging, Twitter, Flickr [ Current Listening to : The Most Offensive Song Ever by Marc Shaiman from…


MSDN Flash Christmas Poem

The recent MSDN Flash had a traditional Christmas poem which I hope you like T’was the Flash before Christmas, and all through DPE No evangelist was resting, not even me For we had another edition to do I couldn’t leave work ’til I was through No editor’s note written, no articles to pickNo offers, no…

Steve Vamos Talks Innovation on ABC Radio

I’m driving home tonight, following my crazy day, listening to PM on ABC Local Radio, catching up on the latest Warnie news, and I hear Mark Colvin interview Steve Vamos Australian whiz bound for US Microsoft gig One of Australia’s top information technology executives is moving on to bigger things. Steve Vamos runs Microsoft Australia…


End Of A Crazy Day

You would think that as the year draws to a close, the level of activity would also draw to a close. Wrong. Today my morning started at 8am and I didn’t stop until 6pm – even lunch was grabbed on the run. Interviews, Internal Meetings, Customer Meetings, even a fire drill filled the day. I…


Mobile Sites I Use All The Time

I love my K-JAM. I use it obsessively. I use it to check my email, to read my feeds and to get the information that’s important to me. There are some sites I go to all the time, sites which have been optimised for browsing by Pocket IE WIKIPEDIA TECHMEME SYDNEY MORNING HERALD NEWS INTERACTIVE…


Dear National Australia Bank…

Dear National Australia Bank, I am one of your customers. I’ve banked with you for the past 15 years. Back in July I let you know you about the problem with your web site and the lack of support for IE7 Internet Explorer 7 has now been officially released for a month and you are…