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Now this is interesting. I spotted this on Yoick and then on Martin Well's blog

STIRR is a casual event for people who work in Internet start ups. It's brought to you by the STIRR Network and our sponsors: Tech Venture Partners, Atlassian and Tangler. It's a fun way to meet some new people and laugh about life online. Grab a drink, grab a fancy party pie and chat. This is our first one here, so there is a little bit of 'how do you think it should go' and a little bit of 'let's see how it goes'.

So, when and where is this little shindig:

Hippos @ 620 Harris Street, Ultimo (Local Live Map)
Wednesday 6th December 2006, 7pm

More Info at the STIRR Sydney Wiki

Sounds intriguing.

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  1. Martin Wells says:

    Hey Frank,

    Thanks for the mention mate. Should be a great night.

    Don’t forget to get people to RSVP on the <a href="">wiki</a&gt; as it’s filling up fast.

  2. Hey Frank, I’m now with Tangler.

    Hope you can make it to the Stirr. I know you work for a corporate, but you are as start up as they get!!

    Hope to see you there.

    Mick Liubinskas

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