NYT: Tasmania Is Out of This World

Excerpt from New York Times Article:

Tasmania Is Out of This World

Tasmania, said to be the world’s most mountainous island and perhaps also its rainiest, is a wind-lashed, wave-carved atoll, the Southern Hemisphere’s last terrestrial gasp before it sinks into the Southern Ocean. In the southwest corner of this dense, drenched island lies Tasmania’s wildest region: hundreds of miles of steep dolerite cliffs, cool dripping rain forest and glacial valleys virtually untouched since the last ice age. The highest peak in this ancient wilderness is a denuded, boulder-strewn uplift called Mount Anne, where not far below the summit a small stone hut offers shelter for hikers caught in the sudden, violent storms that rake this open ridge and give Tasmania’s southwest its unforgettable sobriquet: “Hell without the fire.”

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