K-Jamming for 12 months

I've had my iMate K-JAM for 12 months now.

I've updated the ROM a few times during the year 

I've got it synching via bluetooth.

I've lost countless stylus'.

I've dropped it heaps of times too.

And the little fella continues to work for me.

But it has been 12 months.

I've got my eye on the JASJAM

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  1. Long Zheng says:

    You plan on selling it? 😛

  2. I’ve been using the JAMin for the last month and a half. I have to say, I’m MOST impressed.

  3. Warren Schaefer says:

    I pick up the the Dopod 838Pro (it’s exactly the same as i-mate JASJAM/O2 XDA Trion/Qtek 9600/HTC TyTN, etc just a different manufacture) just over a week ago (was the first person to get one from the 3 store) and it’s a fantastic phone very impressed!!!  

    With being a Tri-band 3G (850/1900/2100MHz) and Quad band GSM (850/900/1800/1900MHz) and is HSPDA enabled which when turned on here will allow you to download at speeds up to 1.8Mbps with 3.6Mbps and 7.2Mbps planned for the future.

    The ultimate Windows Mobile PDA phone on the market at the moment.

    Why wait?

  4. Dugie says:

    KJammin right along there with you Frank!

  5. I’ve been using the JasJam for about a week and a half now after deciding to retire my trusty imate JAM after 18mths of faithful service. I have the following observations to make:

    – WM5 + Wifi is great. My Jam had neither

    – The keyboard is more useful than I expected

    – The battery life is good

    – Remember to try out the scroll wheel on the side. I used the JASJAM just like my old Jam for the first week before discovering how useful the wheel really is.

    – Phone reception doesn’t seem to be as good as the Jam was. I get dropouts in a couple of places my old Sony Ericsson phone used to dropout that the Jam doesn’t.

    – The explorer button is placed in such a way that you tend to accidently press it while it is in your holder. Consider locking the keypad and replace the default home page with an empty html file so it won’t go trying to connect just because you start explorer accidently.

    – The stylus fits the category of WTF? I find I really need to push it in hard to make it sit flush. Already have had one replaced at the place of purchase.

    Anyway, just my 2c. Very impress overall and glad I did the upgrade.



  6. Paul Turner says:

    Just wait till you get your phone bill…  

    Unless you are on the new Telstra NextG network you will be using GPRS, about 15mb (average with direct push) a month is about $500.  You can get 70mb with NextG for $29.  

    I love my K-JAM but I can’t really afford to use it.  The K-JAM does not support 3G so you cannot use the new NextG network.  However the JASJAM does…

    Get the right mobile plan and you will be happy, don’t and you will want to turn off all the cool features due to the ridiculious cost.

  7. I’m loving my k-jam as well. it’s coming up to a year in use… 3 Stylus’ lost, only 2 hard resets requires (plus 2 system upgrades), a few little apps built for it (I love Visual Studio and the Mobile .Net framework)

    I actually use a Three phone as well, as use that as a BT connected modem for my K-Jam – the data rates are so much better than I get on Optus (and the connection is faster!) but hanging out for a TyTN… though as we’ve moving O/S real soon I’ll have to see what works when we get there before I get a new toy. It’ll be a WM5 devices for sure though.

    The K-Jam has become my new iPod as well. The old 4GB iPod lives tethered to the car. Just wish I could get decent BT headphones working for audio from the K-Jam that included a remote for WMP!

    Roll on WM6 😉

  8. davidlem says:

    I call Shotgun on your K-Jam when you get a new one! Long’s comment does not count under the official "Rules of Shotgun" (http://www.shotgunrules.com/), and I invoke the Significant Others, "Saying the word Shotgun" and "Line of Sight" rules to stake my claim! That is all! Thankyou!

  9. frankarr says:

    Sorry Long & Dave

    you are in the queue behind my kids. they claimed it already

  10. Anonymous says:

    As I do each month , let’s look back on BlogBeat for my top 20 posts for the month of October . October

  11. Anonymous says:

    I love my K-JAM . I use it obsessively. I use it to check my email, to read my feeds and to get the information

  12. Anonymous says:

    Lots of things happened this week, and a personal highlight for me was getting a new phone – a Palm Treo

  13. Anonymous says:

    shotgunrules.com , absolutely gold! Found via Dave’s comment on Frank’s blog.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I love my Palm Treo 750 ! It has been a faithful servant

  15. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had my iMate K-JAM for 12 months now. I’ve updated the ROM a few times during the year I’ve got it synching via bluetooth. I’ve lost countless stylus’ . I’ve dropped it heaps of times too. And the little fella continues to work for me. But it ha

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