The geeks shall inherit the earth

Catchy title.


It's from an article in this weeks Bulletin by Josh Gliddon, on Aussie Web 2.0 entrepreneurs.

Australian entrepreneurs are being forced to leave home in search of the funding they need to become the next YouTube in the Web 2.0 dotcom boom. Joshua Gliddon reports

The usual suspects are featured : Cameron Reilly, Martin Wells, Nik Cubrilovic. Hey, it's the 2web crew minus including Ben Barren!!

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  1. ben barren says:

    well there was a quote of mine about web 2.0 at end of piece 🙂 i evangelise the opposite line : local is where i start, not global 🙂 BB

  2. Cameron Reilly says:

    Yeah you’d scare the foreigners too much BB. 🙂

  3. Nick HaC says:

    Frank, im not sure.

    There is a private equity investment glut in australia at the moment.

    It seems to me that there is more investment money here that good (aka profitable) ideas coming out of australia.

    All the Australian fund managers i know are complaining there arnt enough high quality tech startups to invest in.

    I suspect its not the investment dollars that are scare, but the lack of Aussie technology adoption (and small market size) that is holding aussie entrepreneurs back.

    Any Aussie entrepreneurs with small investment requirements (<$500k)  than can demonstrate how they will achieve profitability within 12 months and can show ability to deliver to a global market from within australia please feel free to contact us.

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