SMH: Microsoft banks on Vista

I was interview by Adam Turner a few weeks ago for a piece he was writing.

Well the article was published today, and pushed online this afternoon.

I love the photo of the serious looking Mitch Denny that supports the article. Noice !

I got a quote in too, and it sounds like something I would say:

"Developers need to know how their products will work on this platform and, if they're looking to develop their next generation of products, how they can take advantage of the underlying technology to build applications to take advantage of what Vista has to offer," says Microsoft Australia's head of developer platform groups, Frank Arrigo.

But this story is lost in the bigger news story of the day

(And yes, I am still on holidays, thanks for asking)

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  1. James says:

    It’s almost as if Google paid far, far too much for YouTube just to detract from all the Vista news coverage, eh?

    All YouTube seems to have going for it is popularity, and any competitor spending enough on marketing will probably have no problem coming out on top.

  2. Cameron Reilly says:

    Has Jeff Putt come up with some reasons why people should buy it yet?


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  3. Berno says:

    See you back in the office next week!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Last night I got an e-mail from Frank Arrigo which was asking whether I would be interested in being…

  5. Anonymous says:

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