Poor Frank

I’ve been feeling ill the past few days, and put it down to catching some bug from my kids. I went to my local doctor today, fearing a recurrance of my previous illness. He poked, probed and prodded, and tried to work out what it could be. It could be appendicitis – and I am meant…


Disappearing for 2 days

I’m going ofline for the next 2 days. I’m in a 2 day meeting we call “the quarterly people manager’s meeting”, where this may come in handy. [ Current Listening to : Bones by The Killers from Sam’s Town ]

Where Am I Now?

No, I am not having existential crisis. Check out this awesome mashup developed by the talented team from Power Business Systems Where is Frank Cool huh? I wonder if someone will put up a “Where Frank Has Been”  page? Technorati tags: Windows Local Live, WLL, Virtual Earth, VE, Frank Arrigo [ Currently Listening To :…


Windows Live Writer – All the kids are using it

I’ve noticed a few posts over the weekend about folks starting to use Windows Live Writer – Paul & Darren included. It’s a good time for me to list the plugins I am currently using : Insert Video Clip Insert Currently Listening… Insert Ink Blog… Insert A Spaces Emoticon Insert Soapbox Video  ** (Scott tells…


Windows XP Australian Launch Video

The Windows XP Launch in Australia was huge and amazingly someone posted highlights of the launch on YouTube Thanks to Long for reminding me about this Technorati tags: Windows XP Launch [ Current Listening to : Gangster Tripping by Fatboy Slim from You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby ]


TTB clocks in 300th feed

Just doing some admin and checking if there are any pending approvals for the TechTalkBlogs OPML. We cracked 300 active feeds! w00t! Technorati tags: TechTalkBlogs, OPML, Blogging [ Current Listening to : Come on Come On by Jet from Shine On ]


Currently Listening To – Problem Solved

Since I moved across to Windows Vista, I hadn’t been able to use the Currently Listening plugin for Windows Live Writer, because the Windows Media Blogging plugin for Windows Media Player didn’t install on Windows Vista. However, I remembered about the Song Signature Plugin Powertoy which is part of the Winter Fun Pack for Windows XP.  Search. Download. Install. Success!…


K-Jamming for 12 months

I’ve had my iMate K-JAM for 12 months now. I’ve updated the ROM a few times during the year  I’ve got it synching via bluetooth. I’ve lost countless stylus’. I’ve dropped it heaps of times too. And the little fella continues to work for me. But it has been 12 months. I’ve got my eye on…


ASP.NET AJAX Beta Released

  I got an email from Brian Goldfarb this evening, telling us about the release of the first ASP.NET AJAX beta after a series of ASP.NET Atlas CTP releases. Mike Ormond has more info ASP.NET AJAX has split into separate “core” and “additional” features for the 1.0 release. The “core” features will become a fully supported Microsoft…



Mitch Denny sent the following email to the Australian “dotnet” mailing list. —–Original Message—– From: Mitch Denny Sent: Wednesday, 11 October 2006 11:23 PM To: dotnet@stanski.com Subject: [aus-dotnet] UmVhZGlmeSBpcyBoaXJpbmcuZ25pcmloIHNpIHlmaWRhZVI= This is a valid message. glL8+DJhoVxJBctjmRtTak5AJmKT4QvnXKL+WIK81CE= lHZ3v8KTes4h3fkhhGJ2Hw== FfMV94FkMkZK3tfo7Ec06NGkw9Q6RGcYbD40YsG5ZQ54 kJwwE4WI8kaVpNVR8wMEQOfZK47pVXgpNyy9oEBy1yGj 4PKcM/NRaSTUogd7THjXPIt3VvE1q1jsaUCVQIZenwjH B3PxFguyjrjrfM3bDgDrPV3MON7zrmnHZR0rGmv7cOBe dja1FnQJw/9vGXnjTrNPcfcl7+kIiHeOkhgixE1ZxJK9 tEGkM55lyFS8foTX4CFfBnEbRwuamj2PyJ2ZhCvlV2SH X49I5NM0u8S+4O2xzIyuKW5KVPk3lpcC4h+nrXcIp1o2 t3bDt5g24whLn9/OFxMbqlY7H2vDWnCuLK7kkmek8hMr 9ACRKAaHuXUB5Ll51WuE2WrKmFARGROAb4d1FPviPebr 1SAnKL34FXp4rEUMVleaqb7FRyb4k9eiZPYuveX6zK1v JEQ5kmONzUAFCwsXmUWidcz/Rm6XS8mt9qWizAzb0vId xIGwOO2EB/YsT6+o8aMCsgPnwxOu Message ends. _________________ You are a part…