NewsGator Desktop Sync : Keep the Common Feed List and NewsGator Feed Store synchronized

At this point in time, I am juggling 3 different machines, which means I need some different tools to sync my different bits of information.

I have been a NewsGator Inbox user for a number of years and find it a great tool to manage my RSS feeds.

With IE7, we have the Common Feed List, so I was looking for ways to keep this in sync with my NewsGator Feeds, and moving OPML files around just isn't practical.

Well, those guys from NewsGator released a little tool to simplify this process.

The NewsGator Desktop Sync Beta keeps the Common Feed List and NewsGator Feed Store synchronized, and it's working nicely for me at the moment.  More info on the NewGator Inbox Blog

Now, what I would like to see is some tools to manage the Common Feed List, as well as other elements of the Windows RSS Platform. Bulk deleting is really really painful.  The RssTeam recenrly posted a minisdk and I found some code to delete all feeds in IE7, but I think there is a real opportunity for some Feed Management tools.  Maybe I should do some dev on my holidays?

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