Global Corporate Challenge Newsletter

I had a little piece published in the September edition of the Global Corporate Challenge Newsletter

It's from my adventures at the PLC Garden Day last week

Saturday 23rd September, 2006

6.45am: Pedometer reading 0. The kids get me out of bed. Today is the PLC garden day and my wife needs to get there early to help setup the book stall.

8.45am: Pedometer reading: 1088. Car loaded, breakfast done, kids washed and dressed. I surprise myself with the pedometer reading. I think I went up and down the stairs about 10 times.

9.45am: Pedometer reading: 1506. I deliberately parked far away from the event. A round trip to the car is going to be about 1000 steps and I reckon I will do this trip a few times.

10.55am: Pedometer reading: 2134. Been at Kiddy Korner for almost an hour. Brice (my 6 year old) has been on all the rides. I buy tickets one at a time, so that I have to walk to the ticket seller. It's not far, but every little bit helps.

11.15am: Pedometer reading: 3130: Have to go back to the car to get a blanket. My cunning plan of parking far away will help drive up those steps.

11.30am: Pedometer reading: 3333. Quick rest stop and Devonshire Tea. The Year 11 girls are serving tea and scones. We have to do our part to help with the fundraising.

11.55am: Pedometer reading: 4326. Back to the car. Drop off some of the stuff the kids have bought and I no longer want to carry. I'd rather walk it back, than lug it around.

12.25pm: Pedometer reading: 5097. The girls want to look at the jewellery stalls, but Brice wants to buy something at the Black Rhino stall. These things are at the opposite end of the venue. Another opportunity for a walk across the school grounds.

12.55pm: Pedometer reading: 6100. The boys have had enough so we walk back to the car again and head home for a bit of a rest.

2.15pm: Pedometer reading: 9205. Brice wants to have a light sabre battle. I convince him to go for a walk around the block *WHILE* we have a battle. Imagine what the neighbours must think as we walk past trying to wack each other with these things.

5.30pm: Pedometer reading: 10012. Moira arrived exhausted from the garden day and delegates the dinner preparation to me. Oh Joy!

7.30pm: Pedometer reading: 10347. Get the little ones ready for bed. I agree to carry Brice up the stairs.

9.30pm: Pedometer reading: 19012. I get onto the treadmill and spend an hour or so walking before settling down for the night. Check team watch stats and discover we are the top team in the company and beating those guys from Readify. I can sleep soundly tonight!

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