What are those students doing?

Earlier this month, we invited our students partners to be guest bloggers on TechTalkBlogs.

They started with a bang, but like the GenY'rs that they are, they seem to have lost interest and havent posted for a week.

If you want to keep score, I have made a little scorecard

Bernard Oh 9 An Q&A with Carrie Read - A Microsoft Recruiter
Long Zheng 7 Free is the new black
Scott Savage 5 Communities are built with Links
Steven George 4 What’s the deal with… C# 3.0: Implicitly Typed Local Variables
Ken Soedjatmiko 1 My Intro - Ken.
Marty Gnanananthan 1 Tech.Marty Reporting

Hope to see some more stuff from you guys. Some of those posts have been really good.

BTW - If you want to find out more about the student partners, have a look at the aussie student partner mashup

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  1. James says:

    I’m a student for a couple more weeks (I think I might even be a "student partner"), and while I’ll happily start blogging on techtalkblogs, I’m probably not wanted. My first post would be about OpenDocument Format, and my second post would probably be something about Ubuntu.

    See what I mean by "not wanted"? 🙂

  2. Long Zheng says:

    I didn’t know the scores were based on total posts. What happened to all the "quality > quantity" values I learned in high school? 😮

  3. Anonymous says:

    Franks has just pointed out that the MS Student Partners are now (infrequently) blogging.  There…

  4. frankarr says:

    James – i would not have an issue with what you would write about. i told the student partners to blog what they were passionate about. that was the only rule.

  5. frankarr says:


    i too like quality over quantity and you have been doing both.

    my post was more to act as a reminder for the guest bloggers

  6. Anonymous says:

    Last night, I attended the Atomic Live Forum "Computing

    and Technology…

  7. Anonymous says:

    The Student Partners did a fine job as guest editors over on TechTalkBlogs over the past 6 weeks. Big

  8. Anonymous says:

    Last night I got an e-mail from Frank Arrigo which was asking whether I would be interested in being…

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