It’s all about feedback

I got an email on Wednesday from a reader of the recent MSDN Flash which gave me a smile.

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From: craig hubbard
Sent: Wednesday, 27 September 2006 12:57 PM
To: Frank Arrigo
Subject: (frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger) : Virtual Earth 3.1
Importance: High

Frank thanks for the MSDN update newsletter 26/9/06. I clicked on the Virtual Earth SDK link and never returned that evening to the newsletter.

The VE SDK caught my interest and within an hour I had wrapped it into a DotNetNuke 4 module and picked up a few more interesting skills with the DNN Client API along the way.

It is worth mentioning that a inocent link on a news letter can be the gateway to additional knowledge that may relate to other development areas.

the following link is a very simple wrapper for VE in DNN 4



Craig - I am delighted to hear that you found a valuable nugget of information in the MSDN Flash.

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  1. Neil Rieck says:

    I love that you like getting feedback…

    I have a permanent link to your blog from my web space/blog. I rate you as THE most informative blogger.

    Anyone who knows me will tell you not to cross me in any kind of argument without a team of sherpers, a weeks supply of oxygen and damned good reason,  so when I say that about you, there is no argument.


  2. frankarr says:


    without feedback, how do i know if i am doing a lousy job or  a good job.

    thank you for *your* feedback too

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