TechEd Debrief This Week

We are all getting together to do a debrief on TechEd.

I've been scouring the blogosphere and have found candid feedback, such as the one by Craig Bailey and his most recent one this weekend. Even members of my team have been giving their opinion 

We will be going over as much feedback as we can find, which includes comments from evals and anecdotes from the volunteers.

If you have an opinion, suggestion or other feedback feel free to leave a comment - positive ,  negative ,  constructive , destructive  all greatly accepted.

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  1. Emily says:


    I wrote a couple of feedback blog posts after the event:

    <a href="">And I wondered why there are so few women in my industry…</a>

    <a href="">TechEd Final Wrap</a>

    (Hopefully I can link in these comments… so new to all this blog stuff!)

    Essentially TechEd was a good thing again for me this year, but I think there is a definite need for a bit of a re-think of the entertainment (in this case the party, in the past it has been "booth babes") and who your audience is – all of them, not just the majority 😉


  2. Hi Frank,

    I sent in my survey, but I also wrote comments in my blog here:

    And also, a couple of additional points:

    The Session Scheduler was really dumb. There wasn’t an obvious way to get a printout of all the sessions in one hit, and it was very clunky. I also didn’t like the idea that once a session was ‘full’, you couldn’t add it to your  list.

    I would have thought the scheduler would be a better opportunity to put the popular sessions in the bigger rooms – eg. don’t publicise what rooms sesssions are in until the final week. That way there’d be less chance people wouldn’t get in to see the more popular ones.

    I also didn’t enjoy being treated like sheep (being scanned before each session).


  3. Anonymous says:

    Frank is after feedback on TechED Australia this year.

    Here is your chance to make TechED bigger and…

  4. Alpesh Nakar says:

    Better late then never, the feedback has been delivered 😉

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