Top 10 Things I learnt at the TechEd Sydney Party

Speaking about the TechEd Party, I learnt a few things during the evening:

  1. Apparently "I am the man".
  2. TechEd has been awesome
  3. Never play XBOX360 with a rugby league player
  4. Folks told me I did a good job with the opening keynote
  5. There are men, but "I am the man"
  6. Water is always the best option
  7. Don't eat and talk at the same time.
  8. Wash your hands *before* offering to say G'day
  9. Don't stand in the front row of the stage when there are XBOX Cheerleaders performing
  10. Sydney nightclub bouncers are the dumbest, rudest, most arrogant people in the world. Especially those from the Home Nightclub - I mean don't they read blogs.  More later......

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  1. MSDN Archive says:

    I never thought I hear an Aussie say this: "Water is always the best option"

    Are you sure you’re Australian? 😉

  2. John Oliver says:


     after seeing the statistics of the amount of liquid that was drunk over the 3 days of Tech.Ed, you will understand where this is coming from.

     Something on the order of 20,000 bottles of soft drink & water, and a whopping 40,000 bottles of beer (there are no extra zeros in these numbers!).

     Knowing how I felt Friday morning (and most of the day), I will have to agree with Frank on this one.  Water (especially on Fridays) is absolutely the best option  🙂

  3. Paul Turner says:

    I was in the front row… nothing wrong with those X-Box girls..

  4. Tech.Kerrie says:

    I was too busy chatting up the footy players, to actually realise that there was cheersleaders there… I swear i was the life of the whole party!!! Email me at

  5. D V8 says:

    Whats the deal with the XBOX cheerleaders?

  6. Matt Davis says:

    So how much was the actual total we drank (in $ or Litres) at the Home Niteclub. i know i sure did my part!

  7. Nash says:

    Number 9.Don’t stand in the front row of the stage when there are XBOX Cheerleaders performing

    Yes the front row of the stage is probably the worst place, and the front row of the Audience is the best 😀

    Mmmm XBOX360 cheer girls…..

  8. Anonymous says:

    As I did last month, I looked back on BlogBeat for my top 20 posts for the month of August. Not surprisingly…

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