Latest MSDN Flash has a guest editor, while I play with Ghee

The latest MSDN Flash went out over night, and we had David Lemphers step into the Editor's Flannelette.

Go Tech.Nuts at Tech.Ed. We all have!

Dave Lemphers

G'day Dev'dudes and Dev'ettes,

Franky is busy carving a likeness of Scott Guthrie out of Ghee, so I've stepped into the Editor's Flannelette for this pre-TechEd edition of MSDN Flash.

Well, that special time is almost upon us again! That wondrous time of fun, fancy, fulfilment, and Frank! The event where you get to network with all your favourite speakers, techies, luminaries...and yes, Frank! With only one more week to go until TechEd, I thought I better call out my top 5 reasons for making the pilgrimage to TechEd this year!

5.Chuck and Coatesy will be donning loincloths and re-enacting a traditional Turkish wrestling contest (this will also resemble last year's CodeCamp OZ Geek Dinner!)

4.I will be playing my rendition of 50 Cents' "In the club" on the spoons while my Blue Heeler, Blue, barks erratically when I indicate to him to do so!

3. Dave G will be sharing selected excerpts from Benny Hill while providing critique on selected dessert wines from the Barossa Valley and Carlton Safeway.

2. Jeffa and Kleefy will be holding a knit-off using two sticks of single sided RAM while Nigel, Darryl, Nils and Anna construct a carousel from left over lamingtons and Cat-5 cable.

1. Frank doing his best impression of David Krumholtz from Numb3rs!

There will also be much geek'tricity emanating from the Dev'Garten area, where you can get your Team System'ness on in the fully decked out, live SDLC environment, and even do some good!

And finally, as a special offer to TechEd attendees this year, Shuttle, Intel and Microsoft have come together to announce 80 limited edition Dev'Shuttles at the hot price of $919 (inc. GST). These boxen are Shuttle's latest SD36G5 with a thumping Intel Pentium D 915 dual-core, 1GB of RAM, 250GB SATA HDD, and a Samsung DVD drive! These are Vista ready, Aero ready, Mr.T ready foo'! But not wanting to leave it at that, Allen from Shuttle has thrown in three pimp'in boxen as daily Dev'Garten giveaways, one for each day of TechEd.Fully sick mate!

So to conclude, allow me to Haiku:

Minds clear like Saki they come
To be with their kin
In the hearthstone of learning

See you'll at TechEd!
Developer Evangelist

[Current Listening to All These Things That I've Done - The Killers]

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