More OOF Tech.Ed Haiku

Lemphers started it.


Now Nigel Watson has added his
own creativity

-----Original Message-----
From: Nigel Watson
To: Frank Arrigo
Subject: Out of
Office AutoReply:

More Teched Haiku

Thanks for your message,
TechEd stuff slows response
electronic means.

BTW - people have asked me why we use OOF for "Out Of Office". Shouldn't it
be OOO. Well, way back when, it used to mean "Out Of Faciility" - more from Why is OOF an
OOF and not an OOO?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You may have noticed a bunch of

    posts about Haiku OOFs.


    Appleby definitely did and he wrote…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Tech•Ed looms ever nearerConsumes all my timeSee you on the other side If you need a Tech•Ed Haiku for…

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