The Tech.Ed Expo Experience

This year there's talk of the
Tech.Ed Expo Experience
 - now what's with that?

Well a couple of things really.

First off, the expo is laid out differently to previous years. It's a Hub and
Spoke model

To me it's more like Disneyland - Main Street in the
middle and then all the different world's radiating out from the middle

It looks kinda like this, but I don't think it will all be green.

I'm going to be hanging out in the
Dev Tools hub
, but I will be spending some time at the Digital
& Community
and Industry Showcase
hubs as well.

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  1. Anonymous says:



       Things to get done for Tech.Ed








  2. Anonymous says:

    Things to get done for Tech.Ed

    Great Sessions

    Session Picker Apps



  3. Anonymous says:

    I wandered around the expo hall this evening watching it all grow in front of me I spotted a few…

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