Filling up my Clix

I've been putting some stuff onto my new toy,
the iRiver Clix

I put on some of my
favourite music
, some photos, a few
choice podcasts from The Podcast Network, and some
videos, including Guy Kawasaki's
Art of the Start
and a bunch of episodes of
"The Chaser War on Everything"
.  I  also want to a add a few WMV
format videos that need to be converted, which is where the iriverter utility
comes in handy.


[ Currently Playing : Into the
Groove - Madonna - The Immaculate Collection (04:09) ]

Comments (3)
  1. Long Zheng says:

    The iriverter utility is a great handy tool! It transcodes very fast too, faster than the PSP video transcoders I’ve used before.

  2. James says:

    I’d like to point out that iriverter is a front-end to mencoder. In Australia (and the US, but not EU), mencoder violates several software patents. As a user of the software (as opposed to a developer of the software), you might expect that this doesn’t matter to you, but users of the software can be sued, too!

    I encourage you to keep using mencoder. It’s an excellent tool, and the software patent situation in Australia and the US is absolutely ridiculous. I’m pointing this out to you because I think that the company you’re working for is partly responsible for encouraging lawmakers when it comes to the issue of software patents.

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