Another Press interview on Corporate Blogging

I was interviewed today by Fiona
from the Australian Financial
 for a story she is doing on Corporate

We spoke about the Microsoft mantra of "Blog Smart" and I explained why I

She had a few questions about other local companies embracing blogging, and
wanted my opinions on this.

I'm certainly not an expert on this and lots of people have things to say
about this topic, such as Trevor
, Des Walsh, Michael
, Richard
 and others

Plus there has been growing media coverage in The Bulletin, Computerworld, The
 and most recently Human
Capital Magazine
 just to name a few. (Well all the ones that I featured

What's interesting to me has been the transition from technology focused
journalist to those with a HR / Business focus.

Does this mean Corporate
has Crossed the Chasm?
reports that this was on Gartner's Hype Cycle of 2005

So, where is Business Blogging today on the cycle ?

  1. Technology trigger.
  2. Peak of inflated expectations.
  3. Trough of disillusionment.
  4. Slope of enlightenment.
  5. Plateau of productivity.

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  1. Trevor Cook says:

    She rang me yesterday. I gave her a link to a UK site that covers lots of work-related blogs but I didn’t have any great local examples for her and frankly I’ve lost interest in some of these blog articles. Why doesn’t she want to write about positives and potential rather than rules and sackings. I’m glad they’re interested but I think they have a ways to go in building they’re understanding before they can say anything interesting. Besides which the AFR is a dark site so even if the article was interesting you couldn’t link to it and discuss it. AFR NO Access – what’s that about?

  2. Des Walsh says:

    Trevor knows much more than I about what the big end of town is doing with this stuff, but I’m interested to see that the regional bizdev organisation up here in the NSW northern rivers has scheduled sessions on Business Blogging as part of Small Business Month (September)and I’ve been invited to do a presentation in Tweed Heads and Byron Bay. What price Business Blogging from the Bush? 🙂

  3. Mark Jones says:

    G’day Frank. I’ve never been a fan of the Gartner hype cycle, but to answer your question I’d say there is growing acceptance within the mainstream news ranks that blogs are part of the landscape. Despite Trevor’s valid comment about the search for new/better angles, it’s become a question of when, not if more of corporate Australia will embrace blogs. Some say we’re 12 to 18 months behind new technology adoption in the US, and I think the same can be argued re coporate blogs. Separately, the only safe comment I can make about AFR Access without getting sacked is to make the point that it’s not about blog-style conversations (or the traditional online ad model). In my opinion, it’s about making money from content aggregation and taking on Factiva.

  4. Trevor Cook says:

    Hey Des – Byron Bay! I wish I got gigs like that

    I don’t read the AFR anymore I skim it for business reasons. That’s because I don’t read paper anymore. I think about 100% of the AFR’s readership are online and they are going to become more like my reading habits over the next few years. Which I think means the AFR is positioning itself to get out of the newspaper industry and get into the personal investment advice and planning industry.

    I agree that blogging is gaining traction in corporate Australia, mostly at the ‘I better find out what this is all about and stick my little toe" in stage

    Still that’s good because I’m doing paid consulting on corporate blogging several times a week now.

    Still small beer but when I told people a couple of years ago that PR people would make a living out of social media in a few years time – they laughed’

    Its not there yet, but its getting closer

    Close enough for me to have to suppress the odd smug little smirk from time to time

  5. Anonymous says:


    article by Fiona Smith about Corporate Blogging has been published in the

    AFR today.


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