OMG : Internal Ad Campaign continues

So, I went down to grab some breakfast from our bistro and saw this


internal ad campaign contiines to build momentum.

For those who are curious, zoom into the tshirt I am wearing. LOL.

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  1. man, that is one scary photo of Jeff! No wonder the guy couldn’t answer my questions about why to buy Windows Vista. Maybe I called him on the same day they took that photo and he was still on whatever medication he had taken just prior…

  2. oh and NICE SHIRT maaaaate. Funny to think of that being plastered all around Nth Ryde. You can take The Cam outta the office but you can’t … take… yeah. I was going somewhere with that but my ADD just kicked in.

  3. frankarr says:

    cam – i thought you would enjoy that 😉

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ok, so this is getting a bit weird.

    All day people have been smiling at me and giggling – more than…

  5. Anonymous says:

    I fired up our local intranet site this morning, and staring at me was


    We’ve had  the…

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